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Circuit Devices - Inductors

Nov 07,2022 | Guangri

    An inductor is a circuit device that resists changes in current by generating an electric potential due to changes in the current passing through it. This property is called inductance.

    There are many different types of inductors, and they are called by different names depending on their appearance and function. Inductors made of enameled wire and wound in multiple turns are often used in electromagnets and transformers, and are also called coils according to their appearance. Those used to provide large reactance at high frequencies and pass through DC or low frequencies are often called chokes or anti-current coils, depending on their function. Larger inductors often used in transformers, motors, and generators with ferromagnetic materials, also called windings. Small inductors with wires crossing magnetic materials without coils, often acting as high frequency filters, often called beads according to their appearance.

    Inductor parts are widely used in analog circuits and signal processing processes.