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Energy-efficient motor development is the right time

Jun 29,2023 | Guangri

Electric motors are key energy-consuming equipment, and against the background of the double carbon theme, motor upgrades are attracting market attention.

According to the "Motor Energy Efficiency Improvement Plan (2021-2023)" jointly issued by the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology (MIIT) and the General Administration of Market Regulation (GAMR), China's motor holdings will be about 2.95 billion kilowatts by 2020, with a large potential for energy saving. According to the "Motor Energy Efficiency Improvement Plan" previously issued by the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, the annual output of energy-efficient motors will reach 170 million kilowatts by 2023, and the energy-efficient ratio in service will reach more than 20%, achieving annual electricity savings of 49 billion kilowatt hours.

The introduction of the policy, motor products will be doubly concerned, which is an opportunity for the motor market is more of a challenge. On the one hand, greatly promote the motor manufacturing industry iteration update, ushering in a new wave of dividend market; on the other hand, will win a large number of motor production enterprises, only continuous innovation technology, in order to stand out in this red sea.

Moreover, the policy support, I believe that the upstream and downstream motor products can also enjoy this dividend. Winding machine as a product in its industrial chain, in the motor manufacturing is pivotal. As we all know, the winding plays a central role in the motor, motor winding largely determines the performance of the motor, so people often call the winding is the motor's "heart".

Guangri Electronics Machinery focuses on the development and production of winding machines and is committed to providing professional coil winding solutions for customers. Our products have been awarded several patents and certificated by Rheinland. Our products include automatic stator winding machine, side sliding winding machine, belt winding machine, gear winding machine and ring wrapping machine, all made with original parts.