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What is a stator?

Dec 30,2022 | Guangri

The stator is the stationary part of an electric motor or generator that revolves around a rotating armature and provides a static magnetic field. In an electric motor, the stator consists of a series of windings or coils that are powered by an external power source to produce a magnetic field. The armature, also called the rotor, is the rotating part of the motor and is surrounded by the stator. The interaction between the stator magnetic field and the current flowing through the armature produces the force that drives the motor.


In a generator, the stator works in a similar way, but it is the rotation of the armature that generates the current. The stator provides a fixed magnetic field through which the armature passes as it rotates, thereby inducing a current in the armature.


The stator is an important part of both motors and generators because it helps convert electrical energy into mechanical energy (for motors) or mechanical energy into electrical energy (for generators).