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Guangri|AJGC-0713 Automatic Side Slider Winding Machine

Sep 14,2023 | Guangri

Product introduction: The AJGC-0713 series winding machine is suitable for the production of various types of toroidal coils. It has a wide range of applications and is easy to install and debug. It can quickly replace the wire storage ring and clamping structure according to different product requirements. The machine adopts a floor-standing design. The appearance Neat and compact; using servo motor as power to ensure smooth operation, precise and reliable movement; durable life and stable performance; with PLC and human-machine interface interaction as the core control system, strong program storage capacity, data can be transferred to the computer, and digitized Management and program setting are simple, and operators can start production with simple training.


Available winding methods: single winding uniform winding, multi-winding segmented winding, multi-layer winding, public mode and differential mode winding.



  • AJGC-0713 uses PLC and human-machine interface interaction as the core control system, and has strong program storage capabilities;
  • The machine has a compact structure, small footprint, high efficiency, simple maintenance, and long service life of wearing parts;
  • Different wire loops can be configured according to needs, suitable for a wide range of wire diameters;
  • Powerful self-test function, automatic shutdown and alarm when the number of outgoing coils is incorrect;
  • The controller can store 100 specification programs and can realize multiple product winding requirements;
  • Digital management system, production data can be uploaded to computer applications;

Applicable industries: Winding products can be widely used in switching power supply noise suppression filters, power lines, signal lines, electrostatic noise filters, converters, ultrasonic equipment and other radiation interference suppressors

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