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Guangri|Slider Head Winding Machine

Oct 27,2023 | Guangri

Product introduction: Compared with the gear-type medium-speed machine, it is a faster winding machine product. It is a product with stronger comprehensive capabilities among many winding machines. It can complete the winding of medium-sized coils and has greater applicability to manufacturers;



  • The machine adopts modular design and has strong adaptability;
  • Maximum winding speed: 700 rpm;
  • Adopt double frequency conversion proportional linkage wiring control method;
  • Suitable winding diameter: 0.20-0.70mm


Applicable industries: Applicable to manufacturers of automotive electronics, hardware, household appliances, medical equipment, new energy, LCD, SMT, industrial electronics, transformers, mutual inductors, sensors, magnetic ring inductors, common mode inductors, etc.