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Guangri |Large Gear Head Winding Machine

Oct 27,2023 | Guangri

Product introduction: The gear-type toroidal transformer winding machine is a double frequency conversion proportional linkage (stepper motor). It adopts an advanced wire storage and winding method to avoid damage to the enameled wire. It only needs to replace the wire storage ring on the same machine head to meet different specifications. The winding requirements make the winding range wider, and the core solution is the winding of large transformers, which is suitable for large-scale military industry.



  • Adopt double frequency conversion proportional linkage wiring control method;
  • Can be wound wire diameter range: 15-30mm;
  • The maximum winding speed can reach: 150 rpm;
  • Core solving the winding work of large transformers;
  • Suitable for large-scale military industrial enterprise manufacturers;


Applicable industries: Suitable for large military manufacturers such as substations, power stations, power stations, and reservoir power generation systems.