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Latest Knowledge Share: about Armature Winding

Apr 28,2023 | Guangri

The armature winding is an integral part of a DC motor or generator and usually consists of many winding coils. It is a fixed part formed by a coil of conductors wound around arotating armature and used to generate electromagnetic fields and currents. The armature winding consists of a stator winding and a rotor winding, where the stator winding is stationary and the rotor winding rotates with the rotation of the armature. Armature windingis one of the most important parts in motors and generators, its design and quality have a decisive influence on the performance of motors and generators.


An armature winder is a machine used to wind the armature of an electric motor. It can wind the wire coil around the armature to form a complete armature. This kind of machineusually consists of a motor, a winding frame, a winding head and a control system. The use of armature winders can improve the production efficiency and quality of electricmotors, while reducing manpower input and labor intensity.