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The solution to the failure of the ring winding machine

Feb 17,2023 | Guangri

1. The spare parts replacement 

When repairing a ring winding machine, replace faulty parts with new accessories.

After the maintenance personnel determine the cause of the failure, this method can be used to quickly diagnose the scope of the fault and then carry out fault detection on the damaged equipment, which is the more common method of troubleshooting.


2. Make good use of the adjustable parts

The adjustment of adjustable components such as the winding tension of the winding machine, the screen voltage, and the starting position of the cable rack is a simple but effective method in maintenance. Correct some innocuous faults by adjusting the adjustable parts.

For example, if a company repairs a winding machine that has been used for many years, the system display screen shows dark, and it is normal after adjusting the power supply voltage of the screen.


3. Writing of the commissioning program

The basis for determining that the entire system is fully functional is to compile a reasonable program and run it successfully

Wrong setting of winding parameters may lead to system failure or invalid function. Sometimes user program setting errors can also cause malfunctions. It can be checked by compiling the trial operation program, correcting the error of the user program to ensure its normal operation.



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