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What is the most versatile type of winding machine——Gear head Winding Machine

Dec 30,2022 | Guangri

Gear Head Winding Machine It is the most versatile type of winding machine, suitable for winding products with thick wire diameter, neatly arranged and multi-stranded products, such as transformers,high-current transformer coils and adjustable resistors, etc.

In addition, the Gear Head Winding Machine can also replace different widths of wire storage rings on the same machine. It is suitable for winding all kinds of wires such as enameled copper, enameled aluminum, copper, nylon, aluminum and resistance wires, etc. The Gear Head Winding Machine is an important tool for processing coils in various industries, helping to improve the productivity of products.

Guangri, leading Winding Machine Factory, strong R&D and manufacturing capabilities. Guangri Gear Head Winding Machines are equipped with CNC duplex programmable controllers to accurately line up and pre-determine the number of coils, enabling our customers to succeed in their diversified businesses.


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