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Winding Equipment Development Trend

Jan 09,2023 | Guangri

Power Transformer Development Characteristics

China's power transformer industry mainly presents the characteristics of fierce competition between domestic and foreign enterprises and shorter product replacement cycle.

From the enterprise point of view, more foreign large multinational groups to increase the expansion of the Chinese market, at the same time, the domestic power transformer manufacturers also actively expand the market, the competition is more intense.

From the product point of view, due to the rapid pace of technological innovation, product varieties, levels and capacities have been greatly improved, and the product replacement cycle has become shorter.

Low Concentration in the Domestic Power Transformer Market

On the whole, the Chinese transformer industry is highly competitive, with foreign multinationals capturing a large market share and the number of domestic transformer manufacturing enterprises growing rapidly. Competition in the middle and low-end transformer market is intense. But in general, China's power transformer market is still relatively fragmented, and the market concentration is low.

China Power Transformer Industry Development Trend

In order to adapt and meet the market demand, many power transformer manufacturers in order to continuously improve the product structure, improve product performance, the introduction of advanced production technology and equipment from abroad, strengthen the exploration of new technology and new materials, its development presents high capacity, high voltage; environmental protection, miniaturization, portability and high impedance direction, it is expected that China's power transformer development prospects are better.


In recent years, the increasing demand for electricity, transformer-type power industry in the transmission and transformation of basic equipment, in the transformer stations, converter stations, power plants are widely used, in the power industry has an important position. Transformer is generally composed of core, coil, shell and necessary insulation materials and other components. The core manufacturing process of transformers is coil winding, which is directly related to the performance of transformers. Therefore, in order to manufacture transformers with good performance, it is necessary to have high technical level winding machine products.

(Guangri JG-6204 Gear Type Winding Machine)

We are the first manufacturer of ring winding machine in China, and our products have been awarded several patents and certificated by Rheinland. Product categories include automatic stator winding machine, side sliding winding machine, belt winding machine, gear winding machine and ring wrapping machine, manufactured with original parts.


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