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Toroidal transformer wire process

Mar 02,2023 | Guangri

Compared with rectangular transformers, there are many advantages of toroidal transformers : small magnetic flux leakage, high efficiency, low noise, light weight, small volume, and certain flexibility in shape design. The most prominent is the light weight (about 50~70% of the rectangular transformer).

But there are still some disadvantages : It is not as easy to install as a rectangular transformer, the wire wrapping is exposed and can be easily damaged by accidental dropping, and the cost is slightly higher.

Now, let's take a look at the winding process and key points of the toroidal transformer wire.

1.Winding System

Two types of winding for production lines: semi-automatic winding machine & automatic winding machine.

The semi-automatic winding machine can generally be operated by two people to wind the enamelled wire one by one on the insulated ring core. In order to make the winding neat and tidy, before winding, a plastic film with a "wire slot" needs to be placed on the iron core.

The advantage of the semi-automatic winding machine is that manual winding can actively adapt to enameled wires of different wire diameters. The disadvantage is that the wire packaging is loose and the volume is slightly larger.

The working process of the winding machine is: there is a storage wheel (also known as a winding shuttle) with a cotter pin on the winding machine. Remove the cotter pin, put the iron core on the opening, align the center of the inner ring of the iron core with the circumference of the wire storage wheel, close the cotter pin, store an appropriate amount of wire on the wire storage wheel, and then use the stored wire on the iron winding on the core.

When the wire storage wheel is running and winding, the driving mechanism drives the iron core to rotate slowly, so that the enameled wire is evenly wound around the iron core. During the wire storage and winding process, the wire storage wheel always runs at high speed on the inner ring of the iron core.

After the winding is completed, remove the remaining wire on the wire storage wheel, open the cotter pin, and take out the iron core, and the winding of the wire package is completed.

Due to the different size of battery tank , the wire diameter of the enameled wire that can be wound by the winding machine is usually specified within a certain range.

2. Insulation Binding

Core wire insulation - The inner and outer sides are wrapped with strips of insulation paper of the same height as the core, and the ends are filled with rings of insulation paper of the same shape as the end face but slightly larger.

It is required to completely coincident with the paper tape, and then wrap the entire ring from the beginning to the end with a narrow insulating tape. According to the insulation level of different products, the above-mentioned bonding materials and material thicknesses are different.

Primary Interstage Insulation - The bonding method is the same as the core insulation, except that the insulation requirements are higher and the amount or thickness of material is increased. For the isolation transformer of 220V power supply, the insulation winding of the first-level overlapping winding method should not be less than 3 layers.

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