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The relationship between the electric motor and the motor

Apr 10,2023 | Guangri

What is an electric motor?

A motor refers to a device that converts electrical energy into mechanical energy by using the interaction between electrical energy and a magnetic field. It is also one of the most commonly used energy conversion devices in modern industry. It drives the rotating rotor with electric energy, and controls or drives the load through mechanical transmission. There are many types and structures of motors, which can be divided into AC motors and DC motors, asynchronous motors and synchronous motors, induction motors and permanent magnet motors according to different classification standards. Electric motors are widely used in industry, transportation, agriculture, aviation and other fields.


What is a motor?

A motor is another name for an electric motor, referring to an electric motor with a transmission. It is a device that converts energy such as electrical energy, thermal energy, and chemical energy into mechanical energy. Common motors include electric motors, gas engines, etc. Motors are widely used in robotics, automobiles, aircraft, industrial production equipment and other fields.

Therefore, the motor can be regarded as a special form of the motor, that is, the transmission device is added on the basis of the motor. Generally, motors are widely used in various mechanical equipment, transportation tools and other fields to drive mechanical motion.

A winding machine is required to make a motor. A motor winding machine is a device used in the manufacture of electric motors and generators to wind the coils of the motor windings. It usually consists of a rotating reel and a device for feeding the cable. The operating principle of the motor winding machine is to lead the wire from the supply device, pass through the wire hole on the winding reel to pass through the winding reel to form a winding, and complete the winding action through the automatic control system. Motor winding machines are widely used in motors, generators, transformers and other fields.